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Installation Instructions for
Kevler Brake Pad


You will wind up with increased pad life if you follow these simple instructions. The pads will not work any better if you disregard the instructions, but they will not last as long.

      Three or four fairly aggressive stops from 40 to 50 MPH, ride the sled around for a few minutes to allow the pads and rotor to cool off, then go through the procedure again, then park the sled and allow the whole system to cool down naturally. After that, the brakes are ready to use as you would normally use them.

      These pads are "rotor friendly" and should give you long service. You will have better stopping power if the pads are used on a rotor that is either new or in excellent condition. The material used for the pad is designed to give super braking the first time applied, (this means that it is not necessary to heat up the pads and rotor to get good stopping power). The pads are not intended to be used under racing conditions. There are other pads that are available to give superior braking under this type of load.

      Besides having increased stopping power, you will also appreciate that these pads are lighter than stock, do not warp, and do not spread copper dust all over the engine compartment.