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Installation instructions for
Super Stock Motor Mounts




Thank you for purchasing "Super Stock Motor Mounts". You have bought the finest available motor mount in existence.


As with any performance product, there are certain things that must be done for you to obtain the maximum value.


Our motor mounts will enable your engine to stay in line with the secondary clutch to a greater extent than will the stock motor mounts. They will not compensate for misalignment.


It is up to you to take the time to properly align the clutches and set up the center distances as indicated in the shop manual for your particular machine. If you do not have the proper tools for aligning the clutches, they can be found in the master catalogue. (See factory workshop manual drawing included.)


It is recommended that a premium torque arm be used in conjunction with our motor mounts, and the mounts be installed in full sets.


The front motor mounts can be changed quite easily by removing the lock nuts and bolts. Reuse the original bolts, large support washers and locknuts, do not try to use the metal sleeves from the center of the old mounts. You will find that it is difficult to install the bushings in the new mounts. There is a closer tolerance used in the construction of these that makes a tighter fit. This is intentional. It is easiest to install the new bushing in the bottom half of the mount first, then this is brought underneath the large motor aluminum strap and the top half is then pressed down over the top of the bushing. Once the pieces are squeezed together, then put one of the large washers on the bolt and insert from the top. Slide the outer large washer up from underneath and install the lock nut. Do not tighten these completely at this time.


The rear mounts are most easily changed by taking out the air box to make the mounts more accessible.


At this time, take out the 4 rear suspension mounting bolts and drop the rear suspension. This is to provide you with some clearance to be able to undo the lock nuts on the old rear mounts. If you have very long thin arms and fingers this step may not be necessary, but most likely it will be. Some models can be reached with a long extension and a 9/16" socket.


Notice that the lock nut on the bottom stud is a crush type and that is a thinner one than the top stud. This is necessary because of the close clearance between the track and the bottom of the tunnel. Remove the old mount and install the new one from the top. Install the new lock nut provided, tighten the bottom nuts securely at this time. Set the engine mounting strap over the top stud and install the new (longer) locknut provided.


Install the rear suspension, remembering to set up the alignment and tension properly. Do not tighten either the front or the rear mounts until proper engine alignment has been done.


Put the air box back and check all the connections and cables for proper routing and operation.


After operating the machine for several hundred miles, check all the mount fittings for tightness.