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Installation Instructions for the
Power Crank for Yamaha


"Heart of the Friction Fighter Steering and Suspension System"

Thank you for purchasing your new "POWER CRANK". This is the finest steering bellcrank that is made. It is lighter by 25%, it is stronger, it eliminates the play normally associated with the belicrank, and it looks "Hot".

The "POWER CRANK" is made from aircraft quality 4130 chrome moly steel, TIG welded, stress relieved, heat treated and is epoxy powder coated. The bearing is an oversize full length needle roller with a precision ground inner race that is fully greasable. It has been designed so that the thrust washers seal out the elements but allow enough clearance so that grease can pass through.

As with any performance oriented product, the full benefits can only be realized if the other parts of the assembly are in proper order. This bellcrank eliminates all the play normally found in the stock steering arm. It is to your advantage to make sure the other components in the front suspension and steering are set properly and are not worn out! BEFORE YOU TAKE THIS APART, LOOK AT IT! All of the components are assembled as they will be on your sled.

Components Included

  2. Needle roller bearing(s) with inside race (installed)
  3. Thrust washers ---- 2 (1/2" x 1 1/2")
  4. New shorter pivot bolt
  5. Rod end spacers-3

Installation Instructions

1. Lift up the front of the sled and support it by the front bumper. (Jack stands work well for this.)

la. Remove exhaust if necessary. Usually only the 700.

2. Remove the 3 bolts that secure the tie rod and drag link ends from the bellcrank. (Notice whether the rod ends mount on top side of the bellcrank or the bottom. The drag link rod end is normally on the top side, but sometimes the tie rod ends are mounted on the bottom side depending upon the model. Make a note so the pieces are assembled in the proper order.) Remove the center bolt and remove the assembly. This model of Power Crank for the Yamaha 700 SX and the 600 SX and XTC is set up for using high performance rod ends and all three of the rod ends mount from underneath and use the thin standoff spacers between the rod end the bottom of the Power Crank.

3. Check the condition of all the rod ends at this time and replace if they are worn. (The better aviation grade last much longer than the original type).

4. Take some grease from your grease gun, remove the inner race from the bearing and pack the inner rollers of the bearing with grease. After greasing, put the inner race back in place.

5. The thrust washers are the same, take either of them and install on the center bolt.

6. Slide the "POWER CRANK and bearing assembly over the bolt next. Next, slide the other thrust washer over the bolt, install assembly into sled.

7. Tighten the bolt until it is tight against the upper washer, Put grease in the grease fitting while turning the "PO\VER CRANK" from side to side. Pump in enough so that the grease comes out top and bottom around the thrust washers. Wipe away the excess. If you ride in a lot of powder, you should grease more frequently. Also, grease the "Power Crank" before putting the sled away for the season.

8. Install the tie rod ends and the drag link end. Double check everything to make sure that it is tight.

9. Set the toe on the skis at this time. Use the settings as described in the owners manual or the shop manual of 0-- 1/8" toe out as measured from the center of the wear bar carbide front to rear.

10. If, after many miles, some wear should occur to the thrust washers, new thrust washers are available from your supplier at a minimal cost, as well as pivot bolt.