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Kevlar Brake Pads
for Polaris

      Kevlar brake pads provide a more progressive feel to the braking before locking up the track. The backing plates do not warp. (warped backing plates make the brake application feel vague or spongy)
      The brake pads are "rotor friendly" and do not score the rotor. The engine compartment is no longer covered with sintered copper dust.
     This version of the Kevlar pad is a trail version, it is not intended as a racing pad for continual very high speed application or mountain use where it is subjected to continual brake application as in descending down the side of a mountain.

      In their intended use, the Kevlar pads offer an excellent improvement in braking.

Part Number Application Quantity Price
BP/POL1 1994-99 top load pair $35.00

Sno-Tek has detailed online Break-In Instructions for the Kevlar Brake Pads.