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Power RakTM
Precise Steering for Polaris

      The Power Rak is applicable for the 1998-2001 sleds.  it is our version of the controlled roll center offered by Polaris (What a great idea to put bearing in the steering bellcranks!).  No more loose and flexing steering.

If you thought the Power Crank was good by itself; wait till you try this!

The Poser Rak system is made up of three individual pieces; the Power Crank, the Steering Idler, and the Steering Rack.

Both the Power Crank and the steering idler have 2 greasable needle bearings with a precision ground center race.  The steering cranks have increased length on the drag link side for less steering effort.  The Power Crank and the steering idler are made from stress relieved, heat treated 4130 chrome moly steel.  These pieces are lighter, stronger, and are finished in epoxy powder coating.

Our steering rack is machined from 6061 T651 billet aluminum.  The steering pivots feature our special Friction Fighter bushings and stainless sleeves.  This makes a very strong piece that is not subject to flexing, nor do the pivot points wear or loosen up.  The racks are also anodized black, silver, and blue for corrosion protection and appearance.  

The Power Rak is the heart of the steering and front suspension.   Our new steering assembly eliminated all of the parts that loosen up, flex or wear.  This is the finest, most precise, easiest turning system offered!  We are so confident in our new steering kit, that we'll back it up with a 3 season warranty against wear or looseness.  Any parts that wear or loosen up will be repaired or replaced at our discretion.  Original proff of purchase required.  (Note) This warranty does not include any part that has been altered or damaged in any way.  It is also necessary to grease the Power Crank and the steering idler.

Four types of Power Rak are offered to replace the standard controlled roll systems.  Power Raks are shipped assembled and are ready to install.


Part Number Application Price

Power Rak Kit for XC and XC 440  1997-98

CRC/KIT1 Power Rak Kit for 700 RMK, Ultra, XCR 600, 700 & 800   1997-2001 $265.00
CRC/KIT2 Power Rak Kit for XC 600 and XC 700  1997-2000 $265.00
CRC/KIT3 Power Rak Kit for XC 500   1999-2001 $265.00