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The Drain ThingTM

      Tired of your engine compartment being a swamp every time that you decide to drain the coolant?
      Here’s the answer. Our simple Drain Thing is supplied with a brass petcock, clamps and a length of hose, allowing you to drain down the coolant and wind up with it where you want it! (This also means no antifreeze in the snow!)
      Now those quick change billet heads can really be quick change, without the mess.
      It should be placed in one of the lowest coolant hoses so the most amount of coolant can be drained from the engine. The drain petcock has a tube end on it so a piece of tubing can be slid over it and routed out through a small hole in the belly pan.

Part Number Application Price
Drain Thing All liquid cooled engines with 3/4" hose $32.95
Drain Thing1 All liquid cooled engines with 1" hose $32.95