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Powder Prefilters

700 XC/RMK              SRX 600/700, Viper              Ski Doo S2000

      Now Available - Our new Powder Filter. Tired of snow in your carbs? This is the cure. This pre filter will not pass any size powder or allow water to penetrate into the main filter. There is less than 1% reduction of air flow with the use of this filter. It also keeps minute particles of dust from entering your engine. Available for most popular models. Think of this as foul weather gear for your airbox.


Part Number Application Price
PFP1 Prefilter, Polaris 600/700 XC, RMK, SKS 1997-98 $19.95
PFP5 Prefilter, Polaris 600/700 XC, RMK, SKS 1999-2000 $19.95
PFP2 Prefilter, Polaris Aggressive (Storm, SPX, 600 XCR) $17.50
PFP3 Prefilter, Polaris Standard, Square $17.95
PFP4 Prefilter, Polaris Evolved Chassis $15.50
PFP6 Prefilter, Polaris Big Twins in Gen 2 Chassis (centered pod) $16.30
PFP7 Prefilter, Polaris Twins in Edge Chassis (2 filters) $22.00
PFYV Prefilter, Yamaha Viper (color: Red or Blue) $21.65
PFY1 Prefilter, Yamaha SRX $19.95
PFY2 Prefilter, Yamaha SX, 1997-2001, V-Max 1994-96 $17.50
PFS1 Prefilter, Ski Doo S2000 Chassis $19.95
PFS2 Prefilter, Ski Doo CK3 Chassis $15.50
PFS3 Prefilter, Ski Doo New Chassis, Twin Filters (2) $22.00
PFA1 Prefilter, Arctic Cat 580ZR $15.50
PFA2 Prefilter, Arctic Cat Thundercat $15.00
PFA3 Prefilter, Arctic Cat AWS5, all models breathing thru footwells (pair) $24.00