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Shock Socks

For Front Shocks

      The Shock Socks will keep snow, dirt, and water off the shock and the shaft - extending the life of the seals and the shaft. They are available in colors and different lengths. They are made of heavy duty ballistic cloth. Sold in pairs.

Part Number Application Price
Pol/Socks10 Polaris with Extra 10 Front End $34.95
Pol/Socks12 Polaris with Extra 12 Front End $34.95
Yama/Socks All Yamaha with trailing arm Front End $34.95
Viper/Socks Colors: Red or Blue $34.95
Cat/Socks Arctic Cats with Fox Shocks or Arctic Shocks $34.95
Ski/Socks All MXZ $37.95
Ski/Socks3 All 3 cylinder sleds $37.95
M-10/Socks 1 Large Sock & 1 smaller for the M-10, fox or Ohlins $38.95